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It was a beautiful day in july, summer vacation was in full-swing, with everypony outside socializing, playing and generally having a good time. The streets of Ponyville were bustling with activity, ponies selling their wares on the streets and/or buying whatever goods they could afford. Among this crowd was one pegasus in particular, a ten-year old filly with a white coat and a pink and green mane and tail. She wore a sky blue dress which flowed in the wind and wandered around barefoot. Her name was Blossomforth and she was out running errands. Her mother, Rosebud, had gone to Canterlot to open up and manage a new flower shop over the summer, leaving Blossomforth in charge the shop in Ponyville.

Before she left, she gave her daughter a list of chores and one of them was getting groceries. So far Blossomforth had gotten everything she was supposed to, fruits, vegetables, bread, flour, sugar, milk, butter and eggs. She had even managed to afford some extra flour and butter for dessert, her favorite part. Despite being very talented in gardening and the flower cutie mark adorning her flanks, she loved baking. In fact, one could argue that baking was her real special talent. The only problem is she hasn't had a chance to share her baked goods with anyone besides her mother, who encouraged her hobby by trying out whatever she ate. But with her gone, she had no taste tester for her food.

Blossomforth arrived back home, bags of groceries in tow as she wiped a brow of sweat from her forehead before going inside. After putting everything away, she turned on the air conditioner and went outside to water the garden. Blossomforth's backyard was a mass of beautiful colors and aromas, rows of roses, daffodils, tulips, violets, petunias and more. She picks up a pitcher and starts to water the daisies.

“Oh come on Terror! Are you even trying anymore!” A young male voice shouted.

Blossomforth jumped, wondering where that came from. She looked over the fence and saw a young pegasus colt with his nose deep in a book. She recognized him as a colt she went to school with, Cirrus Sweep. She wasn't really friends with him but from what she saw in school, he seemed like a nice pony. He mostly kept to himself, burying himself in books and having no friends at all. She kinda felt sad for him, not only because he didn't have any friends but also because he looked so thin his clothes looked baggy, you'd think he'd put a little meat on his bones.

That's when she had an idea.

“Hey!” She yelled, catching his attention.

He looked up from his book and up at the filly. “Can I help you?” He asked, setting his book down.

“I heard you yelling, is everything alright?” She asked.

He blushed, looking down at his feet. “Oh you heard that? I’m sorry, it’s just his stupid book!”
He said, picking up said book and giving it to her.

Blossomforth looked at the cover, it was of a bull’s skull sitting on a wooden chair wrapped in barb wire. Under that was the title, Rose Madder, another one in a long line of best sellers by famous writer, King Terror. She never had a taste for these books, they were too long and too scary for her, but she didn’t think any of them could be considered bad.

“What’s so bad about it?” She asked.

“The story. I hate how it went from being about domestic abuse to a story about a magic painting or whatever! Seriously, how do you do that?!” He asked, throwing his arms up.

Blossomforth nodded. “That sounds dumb. You know, I always wanted to read books like that. Only problem is I didn’t want to because they look pretty hard.” She said.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah. Hey, you wanna come over to my house to talk about them?” She asked.

He perked up and looked surprised. “Really? You won’t be bored or anything?”

She shook her head. “Promise.”

He looked back down at his book and nodded.
“Okay, I’ll go tell my mom.” He said, going inside.

Blossomforth couldn’t be more excited, someone else would be able to taste her delicious treats! She ran inside to get everything ready, she had a big night ahead of her!


The sweet smell of cookies, brownies and cupcakes filled the house as Blossomforth prepared dish after dish. Cirrus was coming over soon and she wanted to make sure he left happy, the only problem beforehand was that she couldn’t decide what to make. She figured he’d settle for a random assortment of goodies as long as they were good. And if there was one thing Blossomforth was good at, it was making ANYTHING taste good. In no time at all, she had an entire table’s worth of food, hot and ready.


“Oh my gosh, he’s here!” She rushed to the door and opened it. Cirrus stood outside, wearing khakis, black shoes and a white polo. In his hand was a stack of books of various titles and genres. “I have arrived.” He said in a very courteous manner. Blossomforth couldn’t help but giggle. “Come right on in sir.” She said, mimicking his tone. She led him into the dining room and he was astonished at how many sweets she had prepared. “Um… are you having friends over?” He asked. She shook her head. “Nope, just us.” By this point, Cirrus was weirded out, why would she make this much for a friendly meeting? Regardless, he sat down and placed his stack of book on the table. “So, these are some of my favorites, which one do you wanna talk about first?” She shrugged. “Um… the first one?” Blossomforth had to spend the next thirty minutes listening to him talk while trying to stay interested, but that was easier said than done, she was bored out of her mind! How could anyone listen to this guy talk and not fall asleep? She was about to pass out herself when he finally stopped to take a cupcake. When he bit into it, an explosion of chocolate flavors filled his mouth as he chewed and swallowed. “This tastes amazing…” He whispered. Blossomforth smiled and watched as he ate more and more, becoming less interested in talking about books and more focused on her food.


The room was a mess, crumpled cupcake wrappers and empty plates littered the table and the floor, while crumbs littered the floor and the stack of books Cirrus brought were sitting in the same spot as when he brought them, untouched since his sudden binge. Speaking of which, Cirrus had laid back in his chair, sluggishly chewing the last brownie while Blossomforth watched with a smile on her face. She had been amazed by the sheer display of gluttony before her, he didn’t slow down once and showed immense love for her cooking. All that food had to go somewhere though…

Cirrus’ swollen belly was peeking out from under his shirt and gurgled loudly as it struggled to digest the ridiculous amount of junk he’d shoved down his throat. The buttons on his khakis felt downright uncomfortable and looked like they’d pop off any second. What was once a skinny colt with washboard stomach had become a food-stained glutton in a matter of minutes. “Mmm, that was good.” He said, covering his mouth to stifle a belch.

Blossomforth giggled. “I’m glad you liked it.”

He slowly got up, his stomach jostling as it’s contents shifted inside. “Maybe we should meet up like this more often.”

Her smile grew even wider. “Sounds good to me! My mom isn’t gonna be home for a while and I could still use a taste tester!”

He smiled and picked up his stack of books. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

After bidding each other goodbye, the fattened colt took his leave and Blossomforth was left with his mess to clean up while she wondered what to make for him tomorrow. “I’d better get cooking…”


As promised, Cirrus continued to stop by throughout the summer to discuss books and eat whatever Blossomforth had made. She’d even make him breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, snacking on her foods had a noticeable effect on his figure.

One morning in august, Blossomforth was in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, etc. “Mmm, yeah Cirrus is gonna love this.” She said. Just then, she heard a knock at the door. “Just a minute!” She called as she set the pot on the stove to a low flame before leaving the kitchen. She opened the door to find a very hungry colt waiting for her.

Cirrus stood on the other side, wearing a white t-shirt that was so small it rode up, exposing his gargantuan belly. His thick thighs and bubble butt were covered by a blue pair of sweatpants, stretched so tight it looked like a second skin, or a second fur coat, or… you get the idea. His face had also softened up, with chubby chipmunk cheeks and the beginnings of a second chin. “Hey Blossom! What’s on the menu for today? It’s lunch and I’m starving.” He said, patting his growling belly.

“I’ve got a lot for you today big boy, come on in!” She said, stepping aside. Cirrus hefted his bulk through the narrow door frame and into the dining room. “Now you wait here, I’ll get the food.” She said, leaving for the kitchen. The rotund colt sat in the dining room, scratching his belly, growling so loud it jiggled a little. Blossomforth came in with trays of sandwiches and fried pizza. Cirrus licked his lips and his stomach growled even louder. “Bon appetit.” She said, placing everything in front of him. He wasted no time tearing into the sandwiches first, swallowing them one by one. Daisy, tomato and mayo was his favorite. The fried pizza tasted even better, the red sauce tasted like heaven and the cheese was melted to perfection.

In seconds, he had cleared them away and left nothing but crumbs. He licked his fingers and patted his belly. “That was delicious, but I need something a little more filling.” He said. “Oh, that was just an appetizer. I was just about to bring out the main course.” She said, taking the empty trays and going back to the kitchen. Cirrus waited in anticipation as Blossomforth brought out a bowl of brown liquid and placed it in front of him. “I hope you like my homemade stew, it’s my mother’s recipe.” She said.

He looked down at the bowl, scooping up a spoonful and bringing it to his mouth. It tasted like heaven in a bowl. This was without a doubt, the best thing Blossomforth had ever made for him. He quickly got back to eating, finishing it in just as fast his appetizers. “Can I have more?” He asked. Blossomforth took his bowl, smiling. “Sure, I always make a little extra.” She said, re-filling his bowl. He ate his second bowl just as quickly, and kept eating until there was no stew left. His spoon clattered inside his bowl as he finished his seventh bowl. “Mmm…” He hummed, tracing circles around his cavernous belly button.

Blossomforth took his bowl and the now-empty pot. “Got room for dessert?” She asked. “Sure, what do you have?” He asked. She went back to the kitchen, only to come back with a platter of about fifty chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk. Cirrus drooled at how many there were, he’d never seen so many cookies before in his life! She set them down for him to devour. One by one, they disappeared into the depths of his gurgling stomach and remnants in his mouth were washed down with milk. Cirrus covered his mouth to muffle a loud belch. “Do I even need to say anything?” He asked, wiping his lips. Blossomforth giggled and shook her head. “Nah, I’m just glad you liked it.” He stood up and nodded. “Yeah, thanks for the food Blossom, I’m gonna go home.” He said. “Need help getting through the door?” She asked, playfully poking his belly. Cirrus blushed and shook his head. “No, I’ll be fine.” He said. He slowly waddled to the door and went through… only to get his belly wedged in its frame. “Uh, can you help me out?” He asked. “Please?”


One month later, Blossomforth was on her way to class on her first day of school. Her mother came home a couple days ago, telling her daughter about all that she had been through in Manehatten and showing her all the money she’d made. When She asked Blossomforth what she’d been up to during the summer, she just told her: “Nothing special” while purposefully leaving out the fact that she’d been fattening a certain somepony. She arrived at room 312, sitting in the back of the partially empty classroom.

Two minutes later, the bell rang and the rest of the class showed up. The teacher stood at the front of the class. “Hello children, welcome back. My name is Ms. Windy. Now, let’s get started by taking attendance.” She said, looking at a clipboard. “Rock Crawler.”


“Fresh Breeze.”


“Cirrus Sweep.”

A loud grunt was heard from the back of the class. Everyone turned to see a fat colt wedged in the door, dressed in bigger sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt that barely covered his fat gut. All the kids burst out laughing, Blossomforth covering her mouth and quietly giggling.

“Um, are you alright dear?” Ms. Windy asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. I just need some butter.” He said. “Does anyone have a stick of butter?”

The Colt Next Door
This is a LONG over due art trade between myself and Shamrock95, to which I apologize for how long it took for me to get this out

I do not own anything in this story, all characters, locations and foods are all copyrighted and owned by their respective peoples.
Weight gain
The Colt Next Door
This is a LONG overdue art trade between myself and:

I don't own anything or anyone in this story, all characters and locations are copy right to their respective owners.


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